About the foundation

Parmartham, in ancient Indian philosophy, means attaining salvation through the greatest good or the highest virtue.

Feel adds a crucial layer to our philosophy. Acts of social upliftment alone are not enough for us. We believe that one must feel compassion and empathy to understand the suffering of others and truly serve those in need.

This meaning behind our name is at the core of our mission here at Feel Parmartham. We want to help solve a social problem, but always with a human-centric approach filled with kindness and love.

Feel Parmartham Foundation

Healing with Empathy & Compassion

"You have to feel it to heal it"

Our Mission

To rescue and rehabilitate the homeless, with a focus on vulnerable groups like the mentally ill, elderly and women.

Rehabilitation focuses on reuniting individuals with family, medical care, nutrition, skill development, and basic daily care for those unable to help themselves.

Our Vision

Empowering with dignity and protection those abandoned by society.

There are over 1.77 million homeless across the country. We strive to alleviate the suffering of individuals left to die on the streets. With your help, we hope our small beginnings in Bhilai and adjacent districts, could soon lead to a wider impact and bring about a larger change across the country.

our story's beginning

Why would someone want to help reduce human suffering? The question isn't why; It's WHY NOT!

Almost every single person who feels gratitude for a life of privilege will repeatedly ask themselves if there is something they can do to help. Of course, not everyone is in a position to contribute. Every life has commitments that need to be fulfilled.

We learn to ignore the suffering around us. We grow immune to the sight of those society has left behind on our streets. Until...Something hits us in the face that we can no longer ignore! This is what happened to us.

Two unforgettable experiences that changed our lives forever.

The case of a mentally challenged lady on our neighbourhood street, who was lured away from safety with the promise of food, and then sexually abused.

The piteous sight of a mentally challenged homeless man who grew seriously ill from eating rotten food remains in a garbage bin.

This made us sit up, take notice, and start to do something.


Three of us start visiting the homeless to see how we can help. We start with distributing food packets. In an year approximately, we end up distributing 7,572 food packets in Bhilai.

Early 2020

Food distribution to stranded migrant workers and to homeless people at the height of the Covid19 pandemic. We end up distributing 24,675 food packets in this year.
In this year, we rescued 12 homeless people on streets and found a better place for their stay.

Mid 2021 - 2022

Established Feel Parmartham's Rehabilitation Centre in Bhilai.
In this year, we rescued 39 homeless, mentally challenged and sexually abused people.
In this year alone, 16 people reunited with their family.

our generous benefactors

How can you help ?

Make Donation

Your contribution could save a life in more ways than you can imagine!

An ambulance to safely transport our residents.

Additional full time carers at the centre.

Medical supplies and Medical Beds.

Fire Extinguisher and Safety Equipments.

Solar Water Heater

Become a


If you hear the calling to help a fellow human, we need your time & dedication

Discover a world of compassion at Feel Parmartham's center. We provide shelter and rehabilitation for vulnerable individuals living on the streets. Your support can renew lives and restore hope. Volunteer your time, rescue the abandoned, fuel fundraising campaigns, and spread the word. We honor departed souls with dignified cremations. Experience mindfulness activities with our beneficiaries, from meditation to yoga. Earn social work credits with our certification. Join us in making a lasting impact, igniting change, and creating a brighter future. Together, we can uplift lives and inspire transformation. Be the catalyst for compassion at Feel Parmartham.